Author Index

Below is a central list of authors whose enneatype I’m fairly certain of (say, 75% +). This post may be periodically updated or amended.
The list is unfortunately going to be based on what I’ve read, hence idiosyncratic, and naturally to some extent which of those have types that are relatively discernable – list length doesn’t necessarily suggest anything about frequency of types in the author population. Occasionally major works are noted e.g. where multiple authors may have the same name, or where some literary work is IMHO particularly significant.

Misidentifications may be possible based on proportion or which type really has priority – e.g. 4w3/3w4 seems particularly difficult (hypothetically, these have the same ‘set’ of functions, just in a different order – with writing tending to draw off the ‘4’ side). These are noted [inv?] for possible type/wing inversion.
A [w?] indicates wing is somewhat uncertain, while if a totally different second type is possible, that type is noted in parentheses. The author is listed under most likely type/wing. Confirmation of a ‘wing’ helps verify the main type – so a [w?] also means a higher chance the primary type is incorrect. An * means the author has a ‘case study’ article as an example of the type.  These articles may discuss similarities with similar authors (same type/wing).

Where an author has material publically available , this is hyperlinked (underlined entries).
1w9: Ayn Rand, Philip E. High*, Keith Laumer, Bob Shaw, C.S. Lewis, Damon Knight [w?], Colin Kapp [w?], Alfred Bester [w?], John Varley (?), Maurice Gee [Halfmen of O]. Agatha Christie ?

1w2: Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Terry Goodkind, C.L.Moore, John Grant (=Paul Barnett, Lone Wolf author), William Barton, Gael Baudino, Harlan Ellison [w?], Scott Baker*.

2w1: Danielle Steel, Piers Anthony, Geoff Ryman, Octavia E. Butler, Claudia J. Edwards, James White?, Anne Maxwell [e.g Fire Dancer].

2w3: Louise Cooper*, Catherine Cooke [The Winged Assassin], Mario Puzo [The Godfather], Stephanie Meyer (Twilight)(6?). Paula Jacobs [‘expensive sins’ author]. Joss Whedon ?

Things of interest: Black Mirror episode ‘nosedive’ (other first episodes largely 4 themed)

3w2: E.E. “Doc” Smith*, William Shatner, J.K.Rowling, David R. Palmer [Threshold]*, L. Ron Hubbard [w?]. Movies: Aladdin.

3w4: Jack Vance, Roger Zelazny, Herbert D. Kastle,  Terrence Dicks.

4w3: Tanith Lee, Virginia Woolf [w?], Janny Wurts, Oscar Wilde, Brent Weeks [or 8w9?], Clark Ashton-Smith* , Ian Irvine [w?], Karl Edward Wagner [w?], K W Jeter [w?], Barrington J. Bailey [Fourth Way student, non-type-specific concepts in books][w?].

4w5: Ray Bradbury, Vonda N. McIntyre, Ursula K. Le Guin, Kurt Vonnegut [w?], Julian May [inv?], Donald Moffitt*, Hugh Cook*, Fritz Leiber (?). Michael Ondaatje? [The English Patient], Jane Gaskell

5w4: John Brunner*, Edmond Hamilton, Brian Stableford, William Gibson, Charles Yu, Scott Adams [“Dilbert” cartoonist], Stanley G. Weinbaum*, Richard L. Tierney.  Thomas Harris ? [Silence of the Lambs]

Movies with significant 5/4 influence: Highlander, Donnie Darko.

5w6: Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, Arthur C. Clarke, Rosemary Kirstein, Jacques Futrelle [“The thinking machine” writer, died on the titanic],  H. P. Lovecraft, Lyndon Hardy, Diane Duane.

Movies: Watchmen [original graphic novel – Alan Moore 5w4], John Dies At the End.

6w5: C. J. Cherryth, Tim Powers, Jack Williamson, Philip K. Dick*, John Wyndham, Fredric Brown, Brandon Sanderson, Ben Elton, S.E.Hinton. Barbara Hambly?. Dan Brown ?. Jim Butcher [Harry Dresden books] especially definitely – fear, loyalty, reactive hostility, sensitivity to hidden intentions (soul gaze); 5 traits [wing] including withholding information, relationship issues, curiosity (Susan character), cynicism.  INFJ structure with Fe however fairly hostile [secondary characters like Michael or Murphy].

[Movie directors J.J.Abrams (Lost, The Force Awakens) and M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth  Sense, The Village, Unbreakable) would also be 6w5s, with clear Ni/Fe pattern- Ni evident in ‘the twist’ in the second case). Movie “Mortal Kombat” has a particular strong 6 feel. “The Book of Eli” shows themes around confidence/faith, and 5 wing comes through with focus on books.

6w7: Dave Duncan, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Michael Moorcock, Gordon R. Dickson, Douglas Hill; Stephen King (?), Gary Larson (Far Side cartoonist); director James Cameron*, William Goldman (Princess Bride).

7w6: Patricia Bernard, Alan Dean Foster, Michael Coney, Greg Costikyan [his short story “High on Life” is a particularly good window onto 7 themes), Robert L. Forward, Ed Greenwood, Cordwainer Smith [w?], A.E. Van Vogt, Terry Pratchett*, Graham Masterton; Star Trek creator Gene Roddenbury. A.R. Orage*.  Brian Lumley, Lin Carter.

Movies:  for 7w6 particularly interesting would be The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (Terry Gilliam?).  Cf. idea of ‘sobriety’; strong intuition. Cartoons: Futurama [even the name, being future-related, connects to “Planning”; strong fun-seeking in characters e.g. Bender, Hedonism Bot.]

7w8: Ian Fleming, Roald Dahl, Mike McQuay, Robin Klein, Michael Shea [Nifft], Robert Sheckley, Christopher Rowley.

8w7: Robert Heinlein*, Robert Adams, Philip Jose Farmer, Gurdjieff, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Robert Asprin [?].

8w9: Robert E. Howard*, Harry Harrison, Poul Anderson, Alan Duff, Melanie Rawn.

Movies: Sin City, 300.

9w8: Robert Silverberg*, Robert Jordan, Carole Nelson Douglas, Jack L. Chalker.

9w1: Lawrence Watt-Evans, Clifford D. Simak*, Stephen Brust, H.G.Wells ? [w?]

Michael Ende* [see Redux article; earlier article has him as 3w4*]

Movies: Bokeh


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