Author Case Study – Robert Heinlein [8w7]

Type: 8w7 Functions: Se/Ti/Fe/Ni [“ESTP”];¬†Dominant centres Instinctive/sexual, Intellectual Heinlein has been mentioned in another couple of case studies, but I am profiling him further for completeness as the existing 8w7 profile [Gurdjieff] is really intended more to add perspective on his Fourth Way teachings. This study is only a very limited review of Heinleins’ work,… Continue reading Author Case Study – Robert Heinlein [8w7]

Enneatype within Nicoll’s division of centres

Above: Maurice Nicoll’s diagram of the Emotional Centre, based on teachings by Ouspensky, from Nicoll’s Commentaries (book 1). Text reads: 1 – “mechanical expression of the emotions”; 2 – “all emotions relating to one’s own likes and dislikes. Personal emotions. 3 – “resultant of small desires, little daily ‘wills’.” II – Emotional part – ¬†“religious… Continue reading Enneatype within Nicoll’s division of centres

Author Case Study – Scott Baker [1w2]

Introduction Scott Baker is another author interesting enough that I am breaking my principle of not discussing living authors. He is a World Fantasy Award winner who wrote a number of (under-appreciated) books in the fantasy, SF, and horror genres, as well as a number of short stories which likewise were quite highly critically acclaimed.… Continue reading Author Case Study – Scott Baker [1w2]

Centres within a 3-force model

In this article I’ll look more at some of the underlying theory behind the enneagram ‘process model’ and centres, with speculation as to how this applies to the psychological enneagram. To start with, let’s consider the ‘Law of Three’, which is one of the two principles theoretically underlying the enneagram symbol (the other being the… Continue reading Centres within a 3-force model

Case Study – Gurdjieff [8w7]

Gurdjieff is fairly often described as an 8. Here I will consider the theory that he’s an 8w7. In person we can see that he’s quite active, at times combative, and there is a marked tendency toward ‘excess’ or ‘lust’, apparently having a number of affairs with students. He explains his position as not being… Continue reading Case Study – Gurdjieff [8w7]

Movie Analysis – James Cameron [6w7]

Normally movies are much more difficult to analyze than novels – I believe, mostly because there are extra people involved, partly from actors but mostly because the script may be written by someone different to the director (or several people), probably going through more editing from yet others. A movie also gives only an external… Continue reading Movie Analysis – James Cameron [6w7]