Author Case Study – Robert Heinlein [8w7]

Type: 8w7 Functions: Se/Ti/Fe/Ni [“ESTP”]; Dominant centres Instinctive/sexual, Intellectual Heinlein has been mentioned in another couple of case studies, but I am profiling him further for completeness as the existing 8w7 profile [Gurdjieff] is really intended more to add perspective on his Fourth Way teachings. This study is only a very limited review of Heinleins’ work,… Continue reading Author Case Study – Robert Heinlein [8w7]

Case Study – Gurdjieff [8w7]

Gurdjieff is fairly often described as an 8. Here I will consider the theory that he’s an 8w7. In person we can see that he’s quite active, at times combative, and there is a marked tendency toward ‘excess’ or ‘lust’, apparently having a number of affairs with students. He explains his position as not being… Continue reading Case Study – Gurdjieff [8w7]

Author Case Study – Robert E. Howard – 8w9

Robert E. Howard is best known as the creator of the fictional character Conan [Conan the barbarian]. While particularly introverted for an eight, the basic eight drives, belief structures and setup show up in his work. Apparently outwardly an introvert, he is probably an Sp 8w9 [“satisfactory survival”]. Function-wise, Howard is probably an ESFP [extraverted sensation… Continue reading Author Case Study – Robert E. Howard – 8w9

Centres – parts of centres & 891

Original contributors to the enneagram system frequently talk of ‘centers’. Gurdjieff sometimes spoke of three centers, sometimes of five, and sometimes of seven. Briefly, the three basic centers could be said to be the ‘moving’, ’emotional’ and ‘intellectual’, however the first centre really is three centers; a ‘lower storey’ of the organism which includes a… Continue reading Centres – parts of centres & 891

Author Enneagram Case Study – Michael Ende (3w4)(OUTDATED)

Type: 3w4 (so?) Level of integration: average to healthy Type allocation based on: type-specific behaviour (fictional); functions Note: Lower likelihood of 4w3 as opposed to 3w4. Spoilers for The Neverending Story follow.   Introduction Michael Ende was a German children’s fiction author, probably most famous for The Neverending Story, though he wrote a few other books… Continue reading Author Enneagram Case Study – Michael Ende (3w4)(OUTDATED)