Fourth Way – Analysis of A. R. Orage [7w6]

  Introduction A.R. Orage was an English intellectual who was one of Gurdjieff’s more prominent pupils, having first met Ouspensky. Just happening to read a compilation of meeting notes taken of Orage by students, his ‘type’ was fairly apparent within the first hundred pages or so. For interest’s sake (given the enneagram’s early Fourth Way… Continue reading Fourth Way – Analysis of A. R. Orage [7w6]

Case Study – Gurdjieff [8w7]

Gurdjieff is fairly often described as an 8. Here I will consider the theory that he’s an 8w7. In person we can see that he’s quite active, at times combative, and there is a marked tendency toward ‘excess’ or ‘lust’, apparently having a number of affairs with students. He explains his position as not being… Continue reading Case Study – Gurdjieff [8w7]